Marching towards the centenary vision to plant 100 thousand churches

The Evangelical Church of India (ECI)
welcomes you to our website!

We strive to transform lives with the love of Christ. With a passion for the Gospel and a commitment to serving the community, we are dedicated to making a positive impact across India.

Discover our diverse Dioceses spread across the country, including Allahabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore-Nilgiris, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala-Kanyakumari, Kolkata, Mumbai, North Andhra-Telangana, Punjab, Raj Mahal, and South Andhra. Each Diocese carries a unique vision and mission, all working together to spread the message of hope and salvation.

Under the Executive of the Board of Governors, we have the Orissa Area, which focuses on serving the community and uplifting lives in that region.

Our Bible Seminaries play a vital role in equipping individuals with a deep understanding of God’s Word. Explore the Allahabad Bible Seminary, Calcutta Bible Seminary, and Madras Theological Seminary and College, where students are prepared to serve as faithful and knowledgeable leaders in the Church.

For those seeking comprehensive biblical education, our Bible Schools offer a transformative learning experience. From the Bishop Azariah Bible School to the Jisupita Bible School, Gujarat Bible School to the Sadhu Sundar Singh Bible School, we provide opportunities for spiritual growth and ministry preparation.

Education is a cornerstone of our mission, and our schools exemplify our commitment to holistic development. Experience the nurturing environment of ECI Chalet Day School, ECI Erny Memorial School, and ECI Schools in Tamil Nadu, where students thrive academically while embracing Christian values.

ECI is not just a Church Planting Organization but a collective of ministries that cater to various needs within the community. Our Evangelical Theological Academy offers theological education and training for pastors and leaders, while Every Community for Christ focuses on evangelism and community outreach.

The Indian Missionary Movement is at the forefront of spreading the Gospel, and the Lydia Women’s Fellowship empowers women to grow spiritually and engage in ministries. The Prayer and Revival Department encourages believers to seek God’s guidance and experience personal revival through the power of prayer.

Through the Relief and Development Department, we extend practical assistance and compassionate care to those in need, and the ECI Vision Trust International envisions a transformed society through education, healthcare, and community development initiatives.

We invite you to explore our website, where you will find a wealth of resources, information about upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement. Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance, educational programs, or ways to serve the community, the Evangelical Church of India is here to walk alongside you.

Join us as we proclaim the Gospel, foster growth, and make a lasting impact on lives across India.